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Which graphics card?

I recently bought a Gateway DX4300-03, and I am extremely satisfied with everything... except the GPU. The graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD 4650. It's a mid-grade card, but what I do is gaming and I need a better one for some of my games like BFBC2, Black Ops(soon), and some other demanding new games. I have a price range of about $50(not that much, I know)and I'm wanting to know which GPU to get.
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  1. $50 can barely get you another HD4650. BFBC2 is a very demanding game and you need some good specs, especially CPU wise.

    Theres nothing much you can do with $50...
  2. $50 is the price for a HD4650!
    If you are planning an upgrade you will need to increase your funds since a reasonable GPU upgrade is going to call for a new PSU as well.
  3. what could I do with another 75?
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    $75 gets you a 4670, which isn't much.
    $125 gets you a HD5770, which would be a major step-up, if your PSU is adequate.
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