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I've been trying to use 802.3ad standard to bind 8 1gbit BCM5709C Broadcom nics into one group connected to a Dell 5448 switch. I can create the team on the server, and add the ports to the lag enabling lacp on the switch and things seem to sync up and the connect is working. However, it's only showing up a a 1gbit connection in task man, and when copying files to the machine it seems to max out at a 1gbit connection. Although i can pull some of the cables in the 8port lag and the copying continues, so things are sort of working. I have another machine that I setup using the same switch, with slightly older broadcom cards, and it shows up as 2gbit in tast man, and when copying from this machine to the other with what should be an 8gbit link it maxes out at 50% of its net connection (essentially 1gbit) and the server with the 8gbit supposed link is at 99% of its net possibility basically meaning its only running at 1gbit speeds. I have disabled iscsi and TOE on the 8 1git ports on the machine that that LAG isn't working properly on, but still aren't having much luck getting it working 100% correctly. I can post screens etc or any other server info if needed.

Both machines are running MS server 08 r2, updated. Both LAG teams were setup using the Broadcom Advanced Control Suite.
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  1. Resolved: It was drivers if anyone who read this was wondering what the issue was.
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