How to setup wireless router in apartment that has free internet so i have no id

I live in apartments with free internet so i just plug in my ethernet cable into the wall and there i have internet but when i plug the router into the wall it wont setup and since theres no mdem i cant find the ip adresses to set it up and the staff wont help me either and by the way they get there internet from a cable company
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  1. As far as I'm aware the router needs to clone the cable modem ID and to do that both units need to be restarted at the same time.

    Most wired network users are restricted from using routers because of the possibility of several computers at each point overloading the system. Possibly this is why the staff are unhelpful -- though plain ignorance of IT is probably the real reason.
  2. Connect to the building's net with your computer, find the gateway's IP, connect to it using your router, enable NAT and see what happens.
  3. For gateway IP try Windows Start, All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt and type IPCONFIG /ALL
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