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I've had to reinstall our Domain Controller so we have a new domain. In the
process of converting all of our XP Pro workstations over to the new domain
I'm running into the problem of some of these workstations not dropping the
old domain policies. Specifically blocking users from having access to the
LAN settings in Internet Explorer. On several of my workstations this is
greyed out and inaccessable.

Is there a registry key I can delete in order to free this up or some way
other than completely reinstalling the OS? By logging on to the workstation
in the new domain I have a new profile that should have not used this old
policy but, for some reason, several of my PCs do.

Any ideas out there?
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  1. since you have reinstalled ur domain controller of ur network the sid of the domain controller is changed and hence the old winxp users are having problem with policies.
    just do one thing on your xp workstations log on to workstation as administrator rt. click my computer click properties and computername tab click network identification button follow the wizard give the password of the domain controller when asked click finish and restart the computer and logon to the domain. i think this time the policy should work fine.
    regards, atul
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