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Is this good enough?

So, i was building a HTPC and on a budget and i noticed this deal on Tigerdirect and i wanted to ask if it is good enough for a HTPC. I might play some WarCraft 3 on it...
The deal is:
If you guys see a better deal please, answer my thread or if you don't approve of the current deal.
I am in Canada so i will be buying from,!

Thanks Dudes, :lol:
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    As a serial WC3 builder for peeps i can say that the 785g/790GX/880G IGP is good to go on 720p LCD TVs, displays or setting at 1280 x 1028 high ^^
  3. Well, Mr.Volcanic Rock its available again!
    Is that system good for price and in general use overall
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  5. Yep glad to help and cheers ^^
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