32bit XP Pro worth it to go from 2 to 4 gb of memory?

Lenovo laptop, T-61, (7661), Intel Mobile 965 chipset, probably will not upgrade processor or OS, just got IBM recert ThinkPad, shipped with 2X1 GB memory. What would you do, have identical dual sticks (2x2 with only 3-3.5 being recognized) or just throw in one 2GB stick and avoid wasting $25?
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  1. I would put in the two matching sticks and get the most you can out of the 4 gb.
  2. RAM is real cheap right now so it's your call. There will be a small performance improvement with 4 GB. of RAM over 2 GB. but not a lot.
  3. 667 or 800? With a 1.8 processor, I don't have many options. Thanks.
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