3 TB Hard Drive erased!

i have a Western Digital Green WD30EZRX, 3TB, wich i experiencing real problems with, yesterday i was busy on browser and copied a movie (8 GB) to my 3TB drive wich i have full with movies and music, about 2.0TB of the drive (Was) loaded.
yesterday i was interested in watching a movie and i could find the map of the movie on the 3TB drive but the movie itself was gone, i was confused and decided to reboot the system thinking it might get fixed .... after the boot the disc showed all empty and it sayd it needed to be formatted to be able to work just like when i first bought the drive and needed a format. anyhow
i checked the hard drive list and it was on RAW mode, so it turned from NTFS to RAW,i have tried to read some topics about this with similar problems but could not get an idea, i decided to change options in bios for it might be fixed, and i changed IDHCP (something like this) to IDE mode at the storage options on the bios and rebooted , then CHECKDISK started running by the time i watched the monitor i readed that there was a problem detected with my 3TB drive and needed to proceed and i was too late to cancel it, then the monitor turned black and messages poped out telling ''Deleting orphan file record segment''
the message repeated for 15 minutes and when it finished it had many other texts and in the end it said 3 files proccessed then i got the ''Welcome'' screen from my windows 7 64 bits,i checked the hard drive and it was back to NTFS Format and The whole drive was erased only 3 files were still inside the hard drive, one empty movie folder one ffile saying, bootsqm ,and the last was a Movie map with the title ''Man on A Ledge'' with the bluray movie inside working 100% fine, in first when i readed the movie title i thought it was some sort of a message from somebody or something that tried to warn me i am on the edge of something....
but i found myself in the edge of panicing anyway, this is how it went and i can use all the help i can get because i really want to recover the music and movies (2 TB is not nothing) thanks for reading people i am waiting for your help

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  1. Try using "RECUVA" - download it and run it.

    Free version: http://www.piriform.com/recuva/download
  2. Try using another hard drive recovery freeware:
    Download it there:
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