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Hello all,
Today I got a cable and tried to connect my Pc to the TV:
I connected a S-Video to YBrPb (or whatever its called) and plugges in the yellow composite video wire into the blue YBrPb. Everything looks fine: Boot Screen, Windows loading bar, but when windows boots, I just get a black and white display moving up and down. (really weird) The TV is quite old, NTSC. The funny thing is, I tried to connect the PC to a standard vga monitor, and it has no signal, but connecting it to the TV gave me the same problem!
So, any suggestions?
Thanks to all!

Pentium D Dual Core 3.something GHz
Geforce 8400GS
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  1. TV Make and Model?

    Generally speaking, if your TV has the Red/Blue/Green COMPONENT Video connections, it should also have the old school "RCA" Yellow + Red/White plugs. You want to plug the Yellow into the Yellow (Video) input. This alone could be your problem, unless your TV specifically is capable of using the blue YBrPb connection as the "Yellow" video input.

    Also realize that the Yellow RCA type composite video is not going to give you a very good picture. You're talking fairly low resolution capability of like 480i (total 525 lines) with a refresh rate of like 30Hz (most PC monitors are 60Hz), and a max of about 30FPS.

    Here's some description on the different old TV plug in capabilities.

    Honestly: Even if you get this working, you'll get a better picture quality on a crappy old 15" 1024x768 PC monitor than you will on a TV using Composite Video. :)

    Also, if this TV has a Component Video (YbrPb) it more than likely should have an S-Video input as well, because Component Video was newer technology than S-Video!
  2. Cool,
    So how do I get the PC to connect to my VGA monitor again?
  3. Cornholio said:
    So how do I get the PC to connect to my VGA monitor again?

    Presumably with the VGA cable you had it connected with prior to your change. ;) It should hook up just like it was before.
  4. I tried that before and it said no signal.......................
    Metioned in the first post :D
  5. A) Did you remove the S-Video cable from the video card?

    B) You may have a problem with the video card now. :)

    C) You could try removing and reinstalling the video card to see if something is fixed/reset I suppose.

    If it worked fine before, and suddenly doesn't work after failing to connect it to your TV, I'd guess you may have damaged the video card in the process. Sounds dumb, but is the PC monitor plugged in and turned on? LOL

    Also keep in mind, with the VGA connection, you should shut down the PC before connect it, and then boot up fresh. Course that's how you should connect/disconnect just about anything anyhow.
  6. Aha, will try the above
    If it broke I don't really care too much, it's an old PC,
    How can it break by plugging in an S-Video cable?
    Yeah, the monitor is on :D
    Will report back tomorrow
  7. Press F8 on startup and start windows in VGA mode, this will reset your video. Then restart the computer and it should work. This is what I did when I had this problem.
  8. ahhhh
    thank you good sir!
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