4890 xoc problems

hello people,

i got a simple problem where i have ati hd 4890 xoc video card and when i try to play oblivion it crashes all the time, while other games like fallout 3, fable, and other games don't apear to have any problems ...

what am i doing wrong?

Processor: E8500
Motherboard: GA-EP45-DS3R
Power supply: antec 400 (30 amps on 12v) (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817371029)
Ram: 4 GB crasair xm2

if you have any question please ask and i will post back as soon as i can
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  1. It seems like the game itself is in trouble...
    Try re-install the game? Patch/update it?
  2. Are you using mods?
  3. yeah, simple mods or dlc's even crash the game, but the game with out mods works somewhat, i just don't understand why it would crash on me. I used to have 9600 gt and it never crashed on me ... with the same mods and even on my x3100 it never crashed on me with over 100 mods to it, this time if i used even 5 mods it crashes ...

    got any ideas what i should do?
  4. The mod's may be badly coded and are interfering with your graphics drivers etc causing it to crash.
  5. there is no patches to the drivers by ATI, or in my case from Diamond media?
  6. It won't actually be bad drivers per-se(sfaik) but bad coding and therefore it has to be fixed via the game.
  7. i am using windows xp sp2 with all my computers, since windows 7 and vista could not run my journal software and other older win 98 software with out giving me a hell of errors and crashes.
  8. I have a 4890 in my Vista-64 machine, and I can run both games un-modded perfectly. I've been able to do so since their release with no problems, regardless of driver version installed. I highly doubt it's the card's fault.

    Have you considered installing either Vista or Win7 as a 2nd OS (dual boot) and attempting to play it? Sure, you'll likely use up 20-30 gigs of space just to play a game, but that's not so bad a compromise if you're actually able to enjoy it, is it?

    Also, why haven't you updated XP to SP3?
  9. i heard sp3 has too many problems from the tech people so i am staying away from it for now, i just run a firewall (agnitum) and i have not run into anything i could not solve windows wise
  10. i am not sure what is really going on, but when i set it to specific resolution it works, but then quits after a while. I got it to work, played for hour or so then got a CTD then it would not load, when it douse load i get missing meshes everywhere, i don't know if it is the computer, or the game. My computer douse not overheat or anything and i think it has plenty of power to run the game but for some reason i am still getting 20 FPS while running, and less then 20 on boss battles ... oh well ...
  11. At what resolution and detail level are you attempting to play it? Specifics might help people more.

    From a hardware standpoint, that Antec PSU should be enough to power your system adequately, despite having to use a MOLEX-to-6pin PCI-E adapter to connect the 4890. You've got MORE than the recommended hardware reqs, and the system performs admirably in other titles. So...

    My best guess is that the problem is software related, either with the game and/or it's mods, drivers, Direct X, or the OS itself.

    The closest I could come to trying to replicate the problem myself was installing it under the XP OS of my dual-boot Win7 / XP machine:
    AMD 7850 Kuma @ 3.2GHz
    4GB RAM
    HD 4850 @ 700/1100
    Antec Earthwatts EA430 PSU
    1600 x 900 resolution
    Windows XP SP3

    I didn't play long, only through the opening tunnels and stuff, but I had no troubles running the game at max detail. This was of course a stock install - no mods.
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