GTS 250 + GTX 285 for 3 Monitors?

Hey everyone.

So today I decided to go through my boxes of junk and unused computer parts and I found my semi-old GTS 250.

I also had 2 unused 17 inch LCD monitors and decided it would be kind of cool to have them in addition to my current 24 inch display so I can see things like e-mail and what not.

I have a GTX 285 as my main GPU, but I want to use the GTS 250 to power the 2nd 17 inch monitor since you can only have 2 monitors per GPU.

I have windows 7 Ultimate x64 and currently my main 24 inch and 1 of the 2 17 inches works (The 1 that is connected to the GTS 250 doesn't have any signal.)

Is there some sort of software (other than the drivers) that I have to download?

Quick specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo e8500 OC'd to 4.1Ghz, EVGA Nvidia 780i Mobo, 8Gb of DDR 2 800 RAM, 1tb HDD, 750Watt 80+ (Bronze) Certified PSU.

Thanks for any help you guys can provide me with. :)
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  1. Try switching it around the slots, maybe plug both on the GTS250.
    Is the 6pin PCIe plugged in for the GTS250?

    It is possible via extended mode, though the GTS250 will independently to run the monitors, so no 3monitor gaming.
  2. Both cards use the same driver; no additional software is necessary.

    I would attach both 17" monitors to the gts250, leaving the GTX285 with the full resources for gaming.

    I assume that both 17" monitors and cables are known to be good. Can you verify that the GTS250 is good?

    Does the motherboard have an added power connector to power the additional pci-e slots?

    Are the motherboard chipset drivers up to currency?
  3. Looks like I got it working after screwing around with a program called Ultramon. I can now move my cursor to the left from the main screen and it will go onto the left 17 inch and do the oposite and it will go onto the right one :) this is perfect, and thanks for that tip about connecting both secondary monitors to the GTS 250, I had one of the secondarys plugged into the GTX 285, and I assume that would suck up some of its performance.

    Once again, thanks to both of you guys :)
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