Problems with mounting corsair a70 cpu fan correctly


I have problems mounting corsair a70 with fans heading in the right directions. I have am3 socket and its seems its only possible to mount the cpu fan in one direction. So now it sucks in warm air from gpu and blows it out in the wall of my cabinet! Of course I want it to suck in from front intake and blow out trough back exaust. Anyone know how I can solve this? Or maybe I am doing something wrong. These 2 things (dont know the name) where I mount cpu fans with the bracket its heading south/north and not east/vest, and I cant adjust the fans!

I have a Asus m4A88T-V Evo motherboard
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  1. I hate to tell you this, but there is nothing you can do about it but get a refund. The A70 is designed that way. It is mainly for Intel systems, but it will physically mount to the AM3 socket... It will just point in the wrong direction.

    You can see what I mean from the Corsair forums.
  2. thanks alot. So should I get refund or do u think it still can cool my cpu suffiencently? I have a gtx 460 gpu so it doesent produce much heat.
  3. forgot to mention that I have a exaust in the top of case. So only problem is intake of warm air from gpu
  4. If the air is just hitting the case, then it's useless. If it has holes to blow out of and move the air in the right way, then it's fine. I wouldn't recommend that kind of cooler for AMD boards unless you got a special case. I don't know why they designed it that way. :cry:
  5. Yea I have a 140mm noctua fan in the cabinet roof. U think it will be alright? Gpu reach max temp of 40-50 celcius
  6. As long as the airflow can move and is not obstructed, then there is no issue with that cooler. As long as it is not blowing hot air on the video card or into a close area of the cabinet. The a70 is better suited to Intel systems so it can blow right through rear of the case. I still use the AMD stock cooler, but one of my friends uses something just like the a50... he just did a little clever duct work to make it go out the back. Works good, but it looks ugly. LOL :D
  7. ok, thanks. I will try to mount the a70 and see my improvemnt in temperature will be
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