PSU ATX Version for intel 2600K

Hi all
I just startet to build my first computer including Asus P8P67 Deluxe, Intels 2600K CPU, Corsair Dominator 8Gb 1600Mhz RAM.
Using my old PSU, LC power LC6550 550W ATX Version 2.0.(is 5-6 years old)

System will not start up. On Motherboard reset and power lights up but system will not start in any way. Have tried a lot. Movint CPU, GFX, RAM and so on.

One friend suggest that my PSU are not compatible for an P67 system!

Can anybody tell if these new Cpu´s need some specific ATX version. Maybe version 2.2 or even version 2.3.

Thanks for help in advance.

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  1. Never heard of that. You just need to make sure your psu is compatible with your mobo, (4 or 8 pin), and has enough power to run everything you have/will have. Also, make sure it is a reliable brand with an efficiency rating of at least >80%.
  2. As long as you got the 24 pin plug and the 4+4 (8) pin CPU plug, you should be fine. If you are trying to plug in a 20 pin connector into a 24 pin, it likely won't work on that system. Some systems can do it, but not the newer ATX 2.3+ standard motherboards. Or if you are trying to use a 4 pin connector to the CPU plug, it won't work also. ;)
  3. Ok, thanks. My PSU is quite old. Its not a 80+ model but 550W should be enough.
    It has one 20+4 power connector and a 4 pin connector for power to CPU. No 8 pin connector.
  4. You bought all this new hardware ... and are trying to power it with a six year old power supply? Definitely not a good idea. Even if it was a six year old PC Power & Cooling (one of the top brands) power supply, I'd still recommend a brand new one.

    Just get a new power supply from a quality brand -- Corsair, Cooler Master, Thermaltake, Antec, SeaSonic, OCZ, etc. I'd recommend something in the 650-800W range, with a single +12v rail at 50A or higher.
  5. The lack of the 8 pin CPU power connector is why it's not working. Any time you do a new build, and your PSU is more than 2 generations behind... you should replace it. Also, the newer tech will be much more efficient and have less spikes and electrical noise that could possible damage your new setup. You don't buy a Ferrari and fill it with 87 octane, or mount second hand tires on it... LOL
  6. Ha ha., thanks. I got the point. I´ll bye the best tires and fuel for my new Ferrari. In this case a CoolerMaster Super Silent Pro Gold 1000W.
    Thanks again.
  7. No problem! :D I'm about to do the same tomorrow... I just rebuilt my rig, and my 1 year old power supply is just too close to my maximum load since I installed the GTX465. Sound like you are definitely going to have some breathing room.
  8. yah, going to get a GTX580 for now and when I sell my old rig maybe there is money enough to a second GTX580. (u never can get enough power).
  9. Then you don't gotta worry about tires anymore. You'll have a flying Ferrari. Put some wings on that thing!
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