How do i tell whether i have an ATX12V mobo?

i need to buy a new power supply for my new computer and i dont know whether my motherboard is a ATX12V or anything else so how do i figure out if it is or not.
i currently have a essentio CM1730 and bought a msi R6770 video card but dont have the psu wattage to run it
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  1. Hello,

    By the looks of your PC I am quite confident to say that it contains a standard ATX PSU. If you open it up (the PC) it may say "ATX" on the unit, also you can look at the general shape and size of an ATX PSU:

    "ATX power supplies generally have the dimensions of 6 × 3.5 × 5.5 (inches) and in metric 150 mm × 86 mm × 140 mm and share a common mounting layout of four screws arranged on the back side of the unit."

    Also a thing to watch is the length of the new PSU you get. ATX PSUs are the same shape in width and height but get longer as the wattage increases. It shouldn't be a problem if you don't go to too high a wattage. However make sure that your new one has room to fit in your case.

    Hope that helps.

    Do you know what PSU your looking at?
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