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I am very frustated. Got a new Radeon HD 5770 card and the display driver installation (also the audio driver0 failed. I tried a ton of things but no progress.
My Device Manager in Vista 32 Ultimate is empty too. Is there a possible connection?

Thank you for helping.
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  1. What is your Mobo?
    Also reseat the card and check the 6-pin to see if it is firmly connected.
  2. Timop said:
    What is your Mobo?
    Also reseat the card and check the 6-pin to see if it is firmly connected.

    MOBO Is ASUSTek Computer inc.: Model Basswood3G: Chipset Intel P965/G965
    BIOS: Phoenix Technologies Vers. 5.09 Date 06/08/2007
  3. "My Device Manager in Vista 32 Ultimate is empty too" ??

    What do you mean by empty?
    Well, if it's true then i suggest you to re-install windows...
    Also update your Mobo driver.
  4. Can you see BIOS post screen ? If you can, then your gfx card installation is good.

    Do you have Display Adapter and Standard (Generic) VGA card entry in Device Manager under Display Adapter ?

    You should have this entry. Then you can follow this procedure to insall your VGA card drivers: When you tried to install Ati CCC, the big .exe file created a folder in C:\, your boot drive, named Ati or AMD. In this folder is another folder named Support. In this folder there may be another folder or Ati CCC installation files and folders. Here there is a folder named Packages. In Packages you have Drivers folder. In Drivers folder you have Display folder. In Display folder you have another folder W76A_INF or a similar name. This is the folder that contains actual Display Drivers. Please note the name and path of this folder.

    Now go to Device Manager\Display Adapter\Standard(Generic) VGA card. You should use Update drivers method and show the path to the folder you have noted above.

    This will install the drivers for your gfx card. Now you can reinstall Ati CCC 10.8 to install Catalyst Control Center.

    Starting with CCC 10.4, I have always received an error message for my Ati Radeon HD5770 that the INF FILE WAS NOT FOUND and driver installation failed. Since then, I have been using this method to install CCC. It was the same for CCC 10.5, CCC 10.6, CCC 10.7 and CCC 10.8. Prior to CCC 10.4, when I clicked the big .exe file (about 70 MB), Ati drivers and catalyst control center installed properly.

    Hope this helps.
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