Need mATX case or fATX PSU suggestions?

I currently have a nice rig setup for my HTPC that I like. However, the only part that I'm not happy with is my case. I originally purchased this case:
As far as the look and airflow it's awesome! However, I also use my HTPC for gaming and cannot get a PSU over 300w in it. If anyone knows of a PSU that will fit in the setup for at least 400-500w (modular or not) then my problem would be solved!

For an alternative to that case/PSU issue I purchased this Silverstone case:
This case works just fine for my power needs. However it's a bit bulky for my likes.

I am looking for a type of case that's fairly slim, mATX form factor, and has a small footprint. I also prefer it to stand upright or have to option to look decent standing on its side. Here are some that I've found to look nice:
This is a style that looks nice as well as decent price.

I also kind of prefer the front ports to be hidden or dark, so they don't stand out like a normal PC.

If you have any input or suggestions I would really like to hear them.
Thanks in advance!
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  1. Ya I saw that one and its a nice and clean look. It just looks a bit big and the other thing is that I'm almost certain the drive bay is not a door. I dont want my optical drive to stick out, ya know?
  2. jtt283, I don't think that PS will fit since it's a full atx PSU. The originaly Apex case (at the top) takes a flex ATX PSU.

    geofelt, I do need the drive bay. The Lian Q07 is a ITX form factor. Not a bad look though.
    I recalled being in love with the In Win BK644:

    Does anyone know if I can swap an SFX psu for an ATX psu, to make the In-Win work?
  3. No, that is NOT a full ATX PSU; that fan is only 80mm.
  4. Stick-out? Do you want a slot-loading drive?

    However, what card do you plan to run? The best LP card would be a GTS450/5570, which would run fine on this Seasonic which fits in your Apex:
  5. If you can use the 5 1/2 external drive bay, you could use this FSP auxiliary graphics psu of 450w:

    You might need an external dvd drive to load games.
  6. Onus said:
    No, that is NOT a full ATX PSU; that fan is only 80mm.

    jtt283, the dimensions for your suggested psu are 4.92" x 2.5" x 3.94"
    and the dimensions for the flex psu are : 5.91 x 3.21 x 1.59
    If you know of a way to make it work then you're my savior! lol, not being sarcastic either. However, you have also sparked a feeling of hope for the In-Win BK644 case now!

    geofelt, I do want to keep my optical drive. I already have an external DVDRW drive. Originally I chose the Silverstone case I chose for the power support and the second 5.25" drive. I settled for the Apex's single 5.25" slot because I liked the style of the case. I've thought of that before though and it's a great suggestion. I like how you think outside of the box :)

    Timop, I was more meaning that I just don't like the drives to show their stock buttons and logos. I want the covers of my cases to be flush or covered with a panel completely. It doesn't mean I want it to be slot loading. My GPU will end up getting upgraded to a minimum of 5570's. When I get back into major PC gaming I will end up adding dual 5870's. My mobo is setup for heavy future upgrading.
  7. The Silverstone SUGO SG-05 comes with an 80+ 300W PSU that has been well-reviewed at HardwareSecrets. The only thing not to like about that case is the Optical drive has to be a slim one.
    This past summer, I build a mini-ITX in a Lian Li PC-Q08R. That case takes a full sized ATX PSU; I used a 550W Antec Truepower New. That machine has an i5/650 and I just upgraded the GPU from a HD4850 to a GTX460. It's a great little gamer.
    Here's a slideshow of it:
  8. malmental, thanks for the suggestions. I'm looking to make it as "sleek" and non-traditional as possible though.

    jtt283, you have a nice eye! I've contemplated that case many times! lol It's still in the possibilities :)
  9. Okay, let me know what you think.... After all day of searching and reviewing MANY cases, I was able to come across this one:

    EDIT: I didn't check the price... wow! too much but it's very sexy!
  10. lol that's how all receivers look
  11. Okay, I think I've decided... finally. I like the look and reviews of this case:
    good cost, nice and clean look, and plenty of room.
  12. No, but, the side has an 8track player slot and theres an optional record player addition to it hahah!
  13. Excellent, a lot of classic Beach music only comes on 8Track.
  14. haha!
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