Getting stronger PSU than needed

Hello.I wanted to ask if it would be technically okay to get a 700W PSU for a system that needs say,500W.
Would the remaining 200W put stress on or burn the components,or cause other problems,or would it just be wasted? Would it generate unusual heat?

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  1. If you buy a PSU that has greater than 80% efficiency, it's fine... won't run hot or waste electric. The computer is only going to use what it needs, so the extra wattage won't hurt anything. You should always get 50-150w more than you need anyways... just so you never stress the PSU itself. 200w extra will leave you some breathing room for future video card or CPU upgrades also.

    Just look at the specs and make sure it has more than 80% efficiency, and everything should be ok.
  2. More power isn't the problem not enough is, the system will only draw the power needed.
    In effect the psu will be under less stress as it will be capable of supplying more power than needed.
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