Have Asus p6x58d Premium...when should I upgrade?

Basically I plan on getting the new Sandy Bridge processors and will be doing a little upgrade to my system.

Currently have
2x 580
1000w PSU
HaF 932
Asus p6x58d Premium
6gb Ram
i7 920 @ 3.7ghz

2 questions.

1. When is a good time to upgrade (mostly want to do processor upgrade but will do mobo if it's worth it)
2. My ram is supposed to be 6gb @ 1600mhz however when I boot it says "1435mhz" how do I get it back to the original

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  1. 1--theres not much better for that motherboard than your i7 920 that would make financial sense--you would be better upgrading to sandybridge or waiting for ivy bridge or maybe bulldozer

    2--your ram speed is related to your bclk speed--not too good at the math at this time of night but you are running something like 180bclk x 21 multiplier with turbo on that makes it 3780mhz cpu

    your memory is running 180 x 8 system memory multiplier so that makes it 1440mhz

    ideally you want 200mhz bclk x 20 multiplier --4ghz cpu and 200bclk x 8 memory multiplier for 1600mhz ram if you can do it

    so basically overclocking the cpu affects the memory speed--hope that makes some sense
  2. Those are up to date parts you would not need to upgrade for at least a year or two. You have to wait for about 3 versions of a component to have a worthwhile upgrade otherwise you are upgrading just for the newer parys and you won't see that much of an increase in performance. It's hard when you see all those new releases come out and you want them , but when you put them in you don't reall notice that much of an increase. Probably the first to upgrade would be the MB and CPU and that would be 2 versions of CPU's from now. I am running a 980x on the x58 MB and I want to wait for two more realese's from Intel whether I actually do or not remains to be seen and yet the 980x is a really good processor. In the bios do you have an option to set the ram for the XMP profile if you do select it and your ram will be set at 1600 mhz. What happens is when you overclock your CPU you change the bclk and that will change the ram mhz. Since your 920 might not be unlocked it may take some doing to get a balance between ram and cpu , when you clocked your cpu to 3.7 you changed the mhz of the ram. You can tell if your cpu is the unlocked version if you have a multiplier option in the bios.
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