Two different SSD's in 1 build? Does it matter?

Hey guys,

So simple question for most of you here. I bought an 840 pro 256 GB SSD and was just going to use it in my rig solo. I also have an extra G. Skill Pheonix III laying around Would there be any loss in speed by using both in the same rig? I am planning to have the OS on the 840 pro, since it seems to have better reads/writes.

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  1. I can't comment on those two drives but I can say that I have two SSDs in my build (Intel - OS drive and Kingston - storage) and I have not noticed a performance drop since adding the Kingston drive.
  2. Thanks for the comment, I hope the same will be true here!
  3. There will not be any negative impact whatsoever- it's just like adding any additional hard disk. If anything, using it to move things like the paging file off the OS drive will actually help performance. Another option is to use the second, older SSD for a second OS you might want to try- I actually use two SSD's in all my builds, one for Win7 and one for Lubuntu. That way I can easily alter/remove/reinstall either OS without the headache of dealing with the other. If you're just sticking with Windows though, using it for the page file and your download folder will definitely help with the performance/lifespan of the new 840. Nice choice, btw!
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