Zotac amp vs gigabyte soc (470 sli)

Like the title says...I know the amp is a 3 slotter, and Im gonna mod my case to hold it. That being said, my only reservastion is Ive never owned zotac and kinda looked at them as a second or third tier brand. Am i wrong? I really like both cards, but the zalman cooler on the amp is dead sexy. The gigabyte is getting my money right now unless someone can tell me Im crazy and zotac is just as good. I should also note I fully intend on overclocking beyong the factory overclocks as well. Thanks for your time.

And shame on evga for no non reference coolers!
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  1. Evga went with the custom water block models, which they offer their lifetime warranty on.

    edit: I think the Amp edition with its three slot cooler will not allow sli in many m/b's. Are you going sli ?
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