A mysterious common win7 mouseproblen still exist in XP

Hey there,

About three-four days ago, I noticed that my mouse, a Qpad 5K, froze up for a 2-3 seconds. It's a USB laser mouse, and it has never been any problems at all before with this product. I've read up quite alot on every forum I was able to find about this issue, and 9 out of 10 says it's a windows 7 issue. What I asked myself was why nothing has happened before. I've reformatted with my Win7 Professional 64 copy 3 times before, and this time after about two weeks of problem-free usage, this happened. This happends more often while gaming or while using the mouse alot. The sound which is played whenever a USB device is unplugged is starting about 1-2 seconds after the mouse starts to freeze. What's weird to me aswell is that all the keyboard still respond properly, but as the mouse regains the connection, the game (counter-strike in this case) lags up for half a second and then return to normal activity until next freeze-up.

Due to a forum belonging to microsoft, many others was told to download a program which monitors the latencies. They were right about latency problems, it reached about 2-6k micro-seconds every 2-3 minute, although the mouseproblem occur way more often than that. Since I barely like Windows 7 anyway, I picked up a free student license of WinXP x64 and installed, but what's strange is that the exact same problem still is and occur just as often, but without windows 7. Some people solved it by disabling some hardware systematically through the Device Manager, but I'm not so sure what I am able to disable and what I am not able to.

And worth to ask meanwhile, could the mouse have been temporarily/permanently destroyed?

I have all the latest drivers, and I've tried with a few older ones too. Tried out overclocked system, unclocked system and underclocked systems, all with the same results.

i5 760
F3 1000gb
P7P55D-E Pro

Thanks for all answers :)
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  1. Tried another mouse? Same/different model or brand?
  2. Yes I have. I forgot to mention that. I've also tried to attach a USB-PS/2 adapter, but this did not work at all. Tried a Razer Diamondback, a Microsoft Sidewinder and a Cheap $5 HP mouse. All optic ones.
  3. Overnight, I thought of another thing that might have caused the system. Is there any way to check up on if there's any faulty Mobo/USB port issue, that might have destroyed the single USB port and someway ''infects'' mouses being plugged there, not to work.

    Yet I havn't tried this Qpad Mouse on another computer, but I'll try that out if you'd suggest me doing so :)

    Thanks once again
  4. Since your Mobo has a USB 3.0 ports I would suggest you to check Asus website for updates:
  5. I've had something similar happen, different OS and different mouse. It turned out to be a corrupt driver that got whacked after I did a virus scan and removed a bunch of viruses and malware.

    I download a program called Driver Fetch, it identified more than one set of drivers I needed to upgrade. Once I installed them, everything was fine.


    If all else fails, you might want to give this a try.
  6. Many thanks, both of you!

    I'll start with updating the drivers for USB ports through the Asus Website. Although this sounds like the mouse shouldn't have worker proper at all, which it actually has done.

    If this attempt to solve it is not working, I'll try out AllanCameron's, some drivers may differ each time you reformat your system, that's correct :)
    Ill report back as soon as I have more info!
  7. I have never experienced any mouse freezing on me in any windows version. Try a PS2 mouse. Hopefully your USB ports are not running underclocked. Check your drivers as the person suggested above...
  8. Neither have I, this is the first time I experience this aswell.

    I was interested in what you mentioned about underclocking the USB ports. Could any firmware, malware or program, if not by a system bug, decrease the amout of power which goas from and to the USB chipset and/or ports?

    I tried the USB->PS/2 but by any reason this did not work.

    In order to hopefully bring some hope, I hereby confirm a complete reformation, a complete deconstruction of the system and a resetting of the BIOS. I am now running the Qpad 5K and I'll try it out. Theese last 10 minutes have been freeze-free :)
  9. Nope. I suffered from just a single strike from the mouse during roughly 6 hours, but after this period it began to randomly freeze up, often several times each minute.

    What's extra strange is that this procedure started off just at one day without any driverchanges, hardware replacements or similiar that could´ve affected the USB ports directly.

    I thought about if any of theese few things could possibly cause such a mouseproblem(keep in mind that this is the only problem I got the system at all for now). Theese are both environmental and PC'ish related.
    -A radiator (1500W) placed in a cold, cold room just about a metre away.
    -A lamp standing about 3" from the PC´s rear panel.
    -A hollow shelf filled with floorball goalies equipment which the PC is placed upon.
    -A massive CPU cooler blowing from the front to the rear of the chassis.
    -A crappy (Spinpoint F3) HDD which might have broken.
    -A set of 2Gbx3 Ram sticks in a mobo with 2x2 slots open.
    -A not enough Wattsupplying PSU (a Tagan 800W)
    -A crappy mouse???

    I'll try with a completely different mouse all day tomorrow just to makes notes on wheter that one still freezes. I've tried to contact Qpad but they havn´t responded at all.

    And for the driver update you mentioned, theese drivers worked properly back then, with this very mouse. I'll try to update them all so I can leave that eventual issue out.
  10. Also worth to inform you about, Every driver according to the linked program indicates fully updated drivers, except for the Network card and all of the System Device drivers. Where can I get theese? I'm not so sure that I'd like to pay out 40 bucks for drivers I should be able to obtain myself. Thanks :)
  11. I guess then Qpad mice suck! Try with basic logitech or microsoft mice and see what happens.
  12. Been using internet for a few hours now, and yet without a lag with the Razer Diamondback. This is now with updated Networkcard drivers. I'll do some gaming this night and I'll report back to you whenever I have data enough to make a diagnosis.

  13. Razer Diamondback - did you mean a different mouse than your QPad? sorry I am unaware of all these brands.
  14. That's correct. Razer is probably an asian company(?) with pretty good reputation regarding mice on the market currently. The Qpad is a Swedish company, and their 5K is probably the most "complicate" or advanced gaming mouse available for today, even though it looks like a regular one.

    If it'd be interesting for you to read, you can check up some infos about it here http://www.corporate.qpad.se/modules/news/ . It's a few articles down the page, but you'll see it without a doubt.

    If you'd prefer not to enter the site, I can tell you it's a laser mouse.
  15. So now that almost a day has passed since you switched to Razer mouse, how is it looking on your current operating system? if you are not on Windows 7, and if it is looking good on Razer, it is now time to go to Windows 7 and test it with latest drivers for it.

    Please post your results.
  16. I´ve been a little busy the the past 2 days for studiyng for a physics test. I´ve been operating inside windows and ingame with the Razer for about 10hours total since last post, and what I´ve felt so far is a stable running mouse. I'll go for some important games tonight and will report back at about 11PM/23:00 GMT+1 time(I´m settled in northern Europe).

    There's just one driver update I really cant manage fix manually. Driverprograms or something similiar for the hardware e.g processor, some buses and such. I´ll post a printscreen as soon as I get home. THey all go under a category called System devices if I remember right.
  17. Here's the link I mentioned in my previous post. Not all of the devices with updatable drivers are shown, but still you´ll get a hmm about what's going on. This category is the only one with updatable drivers
  18. I don't really buy into those websites like driverfetch! :P what you see is what you should get!
  19. I indeed had the same thoughts about such sites, since I really have never seen a driver separate located the Mobo drivers CD. And they want 40 bucks for updating theese :)

    I'd rather pay one of you my spare money for telling me what's causing this extremely strange problem. Also, so far I havn't experienced any problems. Though the Qpad didnt start to freeze after a few hours neither after clearing CMOS.

    I'll report back tonight :)
  20. wait! I thought you were continuing to use Razer to make sure you don't get freezes on Windows XP and 7 - did you finish that test already? if yes, yeah move to Qpad... I am pretty sure the problem is in Qpad compatibility with Windows if you still see freezes.
  21. Thanks for that wonderful reply!
    I did suspect this program to be a malware/disfuncctional program, but still it could've had useful info.

    I stil use the Razer mouse, and for those hours of straight gaming, the mouse has not been freezing at all.

    So if we predict the Qpad is failing, would that still cover the mysterium(atleast to me) of the USB connect/disconnecting sound occuring whenever the freeze happends? Since the mouse remain pluggen into the USB port, something still tells me it's the Mobo, but I really don't have a clue. If the mobo kept failing, the keyboard would freeze too, right? But it keeps working whenever the mouse isn't.

    Just to leave out a sort of ridicolous issue, the mousepad mousing upon couldn't be the cause of such a lag, could it?

    Thanks once again for the reply, it was really great to read in-time!
  22. The USB diding-didong sound upon the freeze tells me that the Qpad mouse is failing to "register" itself momentarily on the operating system. It is not a motherboard problem if Razer is functioning well. If Razer at any point gave you USB sounds, then we have a problem. But I don't see that in your post.

    So, never buy Qpad products again. Go Razer!
  23. Thanks for that reply!

    Well, this seem to have been solved, a failing Qpad mouse. Just to find out whether the fails are caused by crappy quality or physic damages to the mouse itself. I can't really tell you if I have let any violent actions been made againt the mouse, but it might for sure have occured anyways.

    Should this Qpad company be responsible for their crappy items, or is it my own fault that the mouse broke up with me suddenly? I still have the receipt from when I bought the mouse about half-a-year ago.

    many thanks pinaklonkar!
  24. Just posting an update for the thread for now.
    I've been running the Razer for about 20hours without a problem, to make sure it's the Qpad which is the problem, I'll go with it until a lag would occur again. I'll post back then to verify a crappy Qpad :)
  25. and then let's close this ever running thread :))
  26. My and mostly your thoughts were correct :) The Qpad froze once again and it's ready for the citydump. The thread may be locked 4eva :)

    Many thanks to pinaklonkar and all ever who've assisted in this case :)
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