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Hi I was just trying to repair my sisters computer and a friend at work told me to run chkdsk f/ to repair it. I did and it made it thru and repaired everything but now it wants me to format the hard drive before i can view anything on it. will that erase everything on the hd or is it already gone. thanks for any help
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  1. Connect the drive up to a different PC to check what's on it first.
    You can either connect it internally as a second drive, or buy an enclosure and connect to USB.
  2. thanks phil but it wouldn't recognize the drive until it was formatted. I already had the hard drive out of the laptop and on my pc thru a enclosure. I ended up formatting it knowing it would delete everything. I was planning on trying a recovery tool and after a few tries I found a tool called recuva that actually worked. I found a bunch of stuff not sure how much was on there before since its my sisters computer. But thanks either way
  3. After you ran RECUVA download and run HDTUNE. This will verify the health of the disk. Then replace if necessary.
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