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What item should I need to upgrade to my system:
Motherboard-MSI 7388; Processor-AMD Athlon X2 5200 ; RAM-Kingston 1gb x 2; VGA-Gefore 9500 GT 512 mb; Monitor-AOC-917w; PSU-Generic 500w. I am an average user in application and games. Thanks for any helpful info..
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  1. Looks like a AM2+ board. How much you wanting to spend? Will you be wanting to upgrade your GPU?
    If your wanting to improve game play, I would recommend a gpu upgrade too. What power supply do you have?
  2. For gaming the biggest bottleneck is your GPU!
  3. To sum up the upgrade that i need for $150:
    RAM: 1 gb x 2 kingston x 1 gb x 2 kingston (total 4 gb)
    VGA: 9500 GT to 9800GT or GTS250, what's better?
  4. You got 4Gb ram, that's find - for the video I would choose GTS250.
  5. It is not x fire nor sli capable. I think it is capable for Phenom processor, I will update soon I got the original manual of the board.

    For additional info:
    MSI 7388 (K9A Neo2-S) motherboard - 1 pciex_16; 2 pciex_1; AM2+; 3 pci; AMD 780 & SB 770 chipset
    Operating system: Windows 7 Home premium
    Applications: Office 2007,
    Games: Monster vs Alien; Transformers (I dont play games, only my children does: age 11 & 8)
    HDD: 500 gb & 320 gb 7200 rpm Barracuda Seagate

    Can I use still my 9500 GT with GTS250? It is worth it to upgrade the processor?
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