Seems people say clock speed is important to gaming

so if my 1100t is at 3.3 x6 , 3.7 turbo on 3 cores if i overclock a 4.o does it turbo at 4.4 on 3 cores ? And if so would that not be a great CPU for games ?
this question comes about because all the x4 is better than x6 because of higher clock speeds for gaming , but if both x4 and x6 both turbo on 3 cores at the same clock speed why would a x4 be better ?
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    a 965 /970BE can usually hit 4ghz pretty easy on all 4 cores and comes \at the same price as the 1055t.
    as psycho says most games only support two and on the games that do support more even if turbo was on you would only get 3.7 on 3 cores. i cant see turbo scaling up in the way you think although ive only looked into it today after reading one of your previous posts. but the idea of turbo seems to be keeping within the realms of stock volt and and temps so reduces 3 cores and passes the power onto the other 3.
    the 1100t will do you fine in gaming. but when a 1055t is the same price as a 970 and the 1055t under turbo only hits 3.3ghz which if what psycho says is true isn't in gaming your getting 2.8ghz. considering most games only use 2 cores that 2.8ghz over two cores vs a 970 stock at 3.5ghz. if your only using two cores of your cpu then the 970 would have the edge. and the same would go for 4 cores.
    i dare even say that a 965/970 at 4ghz or more could match the performance of the 1055t in a game optimized for 6 cores.

    the common miscomception is more cores = better when it's not. clock for clock on a game optimized for 6 cores the 6 cores would win but if your taking price per performance into account then you have to look at the fact that atm a higher clock speed and 2 less cores is better value for money.

    on a well optimized hex core game your 1100t would probably trample my 970BE but the reality is there are so few game that use hex cores and even fewer that get the full power of them :(
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