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Gaming PC for around $1000

Last response: in Systems
October 24, 2010 2:03:55 AM

Approximate Purchase Date: Starting this week

Budget Range: $1000 to $1500 after rebates. (Would rather spend $100 dollars more to get a way better graphics card, mobo, ect.

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, internet, video, music, word processing

Parts Not Required: Keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers. Just want to build the tower here.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: wherever the best deals are.

Country of Origin: U.S.A.

Parts Preferences: AMD processor, am thinking phenom II x4 965, but not sure.

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: Don't know, what are the advantages?

Monitor Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Additional Comments: I really like the sleek pc cases with the blue lights inside :) . Also monitor is a L.E.D. 1080 p tv, I won it for free so would like to get the most out of it. Also I had a post on here a while back about this, but funds ran short for a little while, I searched for it but couldn't find it. Also would like to spend more money now, and have this pc be easily upgradeable in the future. Thanks for your help.

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October 24, 2010 6:42:56 PM

Well this is what I have so far......

Processor and case: $239.94

I really like the nine hundred, but the rosewill cases with the same processor look okay too, and are fifty dollars cheaper. Is there a major advantage to the nine hundred over the rosewill?

I don't know about the motherboard, video card ect yet.
October 24, 2010 6:56:37 PM

well advantage for Crossfire/SLI is it improves your performance w/o replacing your GPU. it can give you added life

just say hypothetically u get a Radeon 6870 now (which is ample for most games now unless you want them MAXED on highest settings with AA/AF) which would be fine, but then you change your mind and you want higher settings....or new games come out that need a bit more juice...instead of replacing your GPU for a new top end card you add another of ur old card for usually a nice performance boost and saving you $

downside to xfire/sli....more power consumption/heat/space

if you think you wanna wanna SLI/Crossfire i wouldnt get the Rosewell case as they are smaller...the Antec 900 is a nice case but the CM Haf922 is a nicer case for less and is big enough to crossfire or sli easily

as for the CPU get the Phenom II X4 955 BE (965 is just stock faster but u can clock a 955 to the speeds of a 965 easily....only get the 965 if its on promo and same price as a 955 or marginally more)

as for a mobo

depends if you wanna crossfire or sli as it can change what you need

id suggest an 890GX mobo tbh (will allow you to crossfire if you want @ x8 x8) which is ample but if you are 100% u will crossfire and want max performance get an 890FX (allows u x16 x16 in duofire and x8 x8 x8 in 3fire) but 890fx is substantially more $

and as for a GPU

id recommend a AMD 6870!

as for a PSU u can get a 750 or 850w PSU id recommend the XFX Black Editions as they are a great PSU at 80+ Silver and modular

also if you wanna OC get the CM Hyper 212+ Heatsink!
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October 24, 2010 8:42:52 PM

great looking build so far

couple things id recommend

1) you wanna overclock so grab a CM Hyper 212+ heatsink

2) The haf922 case is nice (i prefer the base model then the one w/o the side window....reason being is the one with the side grill allows for fan mounting upto a 200mm for added cooling and its 10$ if u go with that option ur price doesnt change you should just decide what you want. However if you wanna crossfire id suggest getting the base 922 because adding a side intake will greatly help cool your GPUs and your CPU as well.

But yup your build looks good so far. pretty much identical to my build

Grab yourself a 6850 or 6870 GPU

an AM3 mobo that supports your needs

and some RAM id suggest 1600mhz 2x2gb RAM but u can go with 1333 if you want no big deal as RAM is cheap.

But i definetly recommend getting a CM Hyper 212+ if you plan on overclocking.
October 24, 2010 8:47:25 PM

My build is basically

MOBO: ASUS m4a89gtd 890gx
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE (got the 965 cuz i got it for the price of a 955)
RAM: Patriot G-Series sector 5 2x2gb 1600mhz RAM (there is cheaper/better but i got this for a good deal)
Case: HAF 922
GPU: 9800GTX +1gb (was from and old build gonna be getting a 6850 or 6870 soon)

I recently added a CM Hyper 212+ HSF and its great for 29.99

Im now going to be adding a 2nd fan to my 212+ for a push/pull setup
and an additional 200mm Intake Fan on my side panel

extra cpu fan(this is the one that comes with the Hyper 212+ so its a perfect match):

Extra 200mm side panel fan:

these are the fans that come with the case....

btw if you DO decide to get the Hyper 212+ and then the extra fan for it (it only comes with 1 stock) Grab a PWM Y Splitter so u can route both CPU fans to the CPU socket on your mobo (unless the mobo you choose has multiple PWM connectors for your CPU fan but most dont)
weird though i noticed that the 200mm CM is cheaper on then makes no sense haha (im from Canada)
October 24, 2010 9:01:16 PM
October 24, 2010 9:25:02 PM

ok bergz for some reason i cant open the links u posted.... with the exception of the cooler and extra fan.

the proccessor i know what it is lol but

anyways that FAN will go on the other side of the Cooler (so theres a fan on both sides of it) creating a push/pull setup on your HDT heatsink

So Basically picture your case(below is a very BASIC layout of how it would look)

REAR of case Mid of CASE (cpu area) Front of Case
(rear fan Extra 10$ Fan Heatink Fan it comes with
comes stock Blowing <-- direction also blowing <---
on case)

so theres a fan on either side of the heatsink both blowing the same direction (towards the rear of the case) basically the fan closest to the front of the case takes cold air and blows it through your heatsink cooling it. while the fan on the other side of the heatsink is sucking hot air from the heatsink and blowing it towards the back of your case which is then exhausted out the rear of your case by the cases rear fan!

but yah repost which case/psu your getting

if the PSU is still that XFX Black Edition 750w 80+ Silver then good choice you cant get any better for the price!
October 24, 2010 9:26:57 PM

when you settle on which graphics card you want i can recommend a mobo that can either crossfire or SLI

i do not always recommend STARTING a build with crossfire or sli but leaving the option open however going crossfire or sli from day 1 is not a bad thing (just leaves upgrade options a bit more expensive)
October 24, 2010 9:34:30 PM

ok the links should be fixed now, but I was talking about the 200 mm side panel fan, I don't see a spot for it on this case.
October 24, 2010 11:17:43 PM

either of thsoe cards are great bang for the buck....

what kinda games are you planning on playing and do you prefer to have settings MAXED with AA/AF up or just high settings with no or some AA/AF

also with regards to the 200mm side panel fan it goes on the side panel of the haf 922

it fits right on the side panel (which is wh i said get the red model not the blue....the blue has a side window not a grill so you cant mount a fan there....but if you dont need the fan/extra air flow then get either case they still rock

October 24, 2010 11:24:58 PM

as for motherboards here are some choices

the 880g at 114$ this supports a single GPU at x16 and dual at x16 and x4 (so not the best performance if you decide to crossfire)

890Gx at 134.99 this board supports single GPU at x16 and dual at x8 (better then above...most people have boards that can do this...I use this exact board and its great...especially if you arent 100% sure if you wanna crossfire yet but want it an option

Last the 890FX these can range from 180$-300$ depending if you want dual crossfire triple or quad support. they all suport Dual x16 GPU Crossfire

if you want you can get a 890FX but its prob overkill for your needs.
October 24, 2010 11:32:20 PM

Well I probably want to play them pretty high, probably 100% maxed or turned down just a bit.

The case fan makes sense now, I missed the part about the differences between the red and blue.

The types of games I play are flight simulator types, simulation games such as civ 5 and 4, my brother plays the wow games, he will be using this too. I also play cod and medal of honor. I have crysis, i just would never work on the pc I have now lol.

Could I play these games at max or near max settings without crossfire/sli now, but maybe going to a crossfire setup later? I like the idea of being able to crossfire later, I want to keep this computer and upgrade it easily for years to come.
October 24, 2010 11:39:31 PM

Ok well u got games all over the map

the 6850 will MAX out WoW easily...the other games the 6850 will be ample but it wont max them...with the except of CoD and Medal of honor (a 6850 will max or at least near max those)

Crysis and the Flight Simulators might take a bit more in which case i suggest the 6870...

a 6870 will max pretty much every game you can throw at it with the exception of crysis because that game is just insane if you want AA/AF on...but the 6870 will handle crysis beautifully.

id suggest a 6870.

so grab a 6870 and pick any of the mobos i listed and your fine (i suggest a 890GX or 890FX then....tbh the 890GX is ample)

the difference between running at x16 x16 or x8 x8 in a crossfire setup is like no more then a 4% performance for 50$ more i dont see it worth it. and the 890gx will better fit your budget
October 24, 2010 11:57:11 PM

get this board instead its the exact same board except its only 2x PCI slots and you save $...your probably never gonna triple crossfire (only hardcore gamers do that) and TBH as it is now you dont really wanna triple crossfire as its scaling is still being developed and chances are if you NEED a 3rd card your prob due for an upgrade.

as for RAM lets see

thats a good set there...

TBH RAM isnt that hard to pick....just stick with some of the big brands. Patriot, G.Skill, Corsair, Mushkin,

stay away from OCZ as they kinda suck for RAM this gen.
October 25, 2010 12:07:13 AM

Ok. I'll take your advice and go with that board. :) 
October 25, 2010 12:14:41 AM

np anything else just lemme know!

hopefully you enjoy the build!

have you totalled it up to see what your at? you shuold be well under budget

btw do you need Windows or not? if you do make sure its 64bit!
October 25, 2010 12:19:22 AM

Yea I need windows, ill make sure to get 64 bit, also still trying to decide on a graphics
October 25, 2010 12:25:46 AM

grab an AMD 6870 you wont regret it....

there arent many better cards right now

Basically heres a Higharchy of the cards on the market currently

GTX 480/5870 (the 480 typically beats the 5870....but where the 5870 falls behind is in multi GPU setups)
6870/GTX 470 (these 2 trade spots in diff game benchmarks....even with the
5850/6850 (some benchmarks have 6850s beating a 5850...but 6850 crossfire scales better then a 5850)
GTX 460

hopefully that helps you pick!

but you gotta also factor in price

a 460 is more expensive then a 6850
a 470 is more expensive then a 6870
October 25, 2010 12:27:19 AM

only other option is you can WAIT for the 6900 series to come out but no1 knows where their price will lie/fall and when they are coming...

some rumors are 2-3 weeks away others are a bit longer and some say in the new year

surely their price point will probably START at around 299$ USD at the very minimum if not more.
October 25, 2010 12:33:12 AM

Ok, I'll go with the 6870. Any brands i should stick with or avoid? Thanks for all your help.
October 25, 2010 12:38:27 AM

all the brands are pretty good
XFX has a double lifetime warranty.

Visiontek has a lifetime warranty but it still needs to come to newegg.

has 2 years for labor and 3 years for parts warranty.

ASUS and Gigabyte
has 3 years warranty.

Sapphire, Powercolor, HIS and others have 2 years warranty.

they are all pretty good tbh...XFX/Asus ofc have the big names and quality everyone knows behind them on their other parts....Saphire/HIS/Vision Tek are great as is MSI/Gigabyte....

Powercolor is the only one i am kinda hesistant about but havent heard anything bad
October 25, 2010 12:42:07 AM

ok thanks again.
October 25, 2010 12:44:26 AM

Right now I'm around $880 without rebates, shipping or gpu's.
October 25, 2010 12:50:03 AM

thats not bad at all...

AMD builds are great for that!

dont forget to include windows 7 though!

how much are you at with a 6870 and shipping and win7?
October 25, 2010 12:55:59 AM

That includes windows 7 64 bit home edition. I have it on a combo with the case for 179.99.

With a card for about $240 that would put me at $1120, minus a $20 dollar rebate. So about $1100 without shipping.
October 25, 2010 12:58:23 AM

you happy with that? if not i can make cuts for you?
October 25, 2010 12:59:56 AM

Yea it looks good to me. I don't mind going over 1000 for more performance. I may end up near 1500 in the end haha.
October 25, 2010 1:00:43 AM

what more do you plan on getting LOL

there isnt much more you could do except

add an SSD or swap to an intel build LOL!!!!!!!!!!
October 25, 2010 1:03:36 AM

I'll prob stay right were I'm at now. I may add speakers or something later. I plan on ordering parts week by week, I can't afford all of it at once, so I may do the case/windows 7 combo and the cooler and fans one week. Then the next week do the cpu and motherboard combo. ect.
October 25, 2010 1:04:36 AM

I'll save the gpu for last and see if those new ones you were talking about come out.
October 25, 2010 1:04:45 AM

you can do the fans last tbh as you will only need those once you wanna overclock!
October 25, 2010 1:06:23 AM

yea but at 30 bucks and 10 bucks, not a big deal .
October 25, 2010 1:21:01 AM

thanks again for all your help
October 25, 2010 3:46:31 AM

nice build, original antec 900 case was good too, had a friend build with that one, thing is a vaccum cleaner but he runs all the fans on high. went with a coolermaster storm scout myself.
do not go with XFX anything, they suck at warrantying anything if it goes bad, they try to get out of covering it, alot of friends and alot of people i know bishing about that..
vid card just needs to have 768+mb of ram. you don't have to go with the new amd 6XXX series the 5830=6850 and the 5850=6870, the new 6XXX series looks like alot of them vent into the case also, so with the haf922 and 200mm side fan you're covered.
psu instead of the xfx i haven't heard one complaint about the modular cords on those, but from the 750 antec earthwatts , thermaltake, corsair, ocz, silverstone, pc power and cooling, rosewill and even the up and comming kingwin on up are much better and for less $ and they all have (2) 6pin and (2) 6+2pin pci express connectors.
i have the coolermaster gx 750 myself and it works well, but even a few of those others can add to your blue lighting ;) 
check the M/B website for RAM compatibility, some brands you might have to manually set while others detect automatically.
if you go with a 4XX nvidia card make sure it is the 1gb version or better as the bus speed is not a bottleneck. but i too love the flight sims, flacon4 allied force and the amd eyefinity will make you want to buy 2+ more monitors :D 
October 25, 2010 1:26:47 PM

f14 maybe you should read some reviews before posting

you just justified getting a 6k series seeing as the PRICE of a 6850 is cheaper then a 5830....(they run under 200$) which is even cheaper then a gtx 460 makes no sense not to get one

secondly XFX has the BEST warranty out there I duno what your smoking.....also the XFX PSUs is MADE by Seasonic its just branded by XFX. it is the EXACT same powersupply as the Corsair 750HX (also made by seasonic) the 750TX is made by a diff manufacturer

as of rright now the xfx PSU is one of the best on the market. go read some PSU reviews!
October 25, 2010 9:48:21 PM

I'm confused now, So do I want do I want a 6850 or a 6870 then?
October 26, 2010 1:21:30 AM

6870 is better your budget permits it so get a 6870