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when i play any video my hdd led blinks rapidly although disk highest activity is 1-7%....How to solve this it is irritating....
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  1. Did you notice that even if disk activity is 0% then also it is blinking? If system is accessing the hard disk, even for less data at very small time intervals, the LED is supposed to blink at the frequency with which data being accessed. It will be ON if disk usage is more and for more time it is being performed.
  2. it blinks at 0 but after specific interval...but at videos it is dim and rapid
  3. I think this is normal then. As you are watching videos, system is accessing HDD to fetch next video data. It is a small access request sent by OS to HDD, but it needs to be sent very frequently. Because of which you are noticing LED blink.
  4. You could disable the LED(unplug the wires from the MB), and then it wouldn't irritate you anymore.
  5. this led problem was not with previous windows 8 and its previous windows 7 but now in windows 7

    and plus my gpu HD7750 makes some slight noise when watching good quality videos and playing games
  6. someone reply
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