4870 Tearing

Here is my system:

Core 2 Duo 7500 @ 3Ghz
ASUS P5B Deluxe motherboard
4GB DDR2 Kingston Dual Channel
XFX Radeon 4870
550W Antec PSU

This is a new video card on my system and I'm using latest Catalyst drivers.

I'm experiencing some tearing in games like Crysis, even on the "intro" videos of the game (and less noticeable on World of Warcraft). I've tried enabling and disabling Vsync from the Catalyst Control Center and tweaking the details to see if something reduces it at least but no luck so far.

Is there anything else that could be causing tearing in games besides Vsync? If I understand correctly tearing happens with the fps on the game is higher than the monitors, but this is not my case, Crysis is running at around 25-30 fps (on high) and never goes over 60.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.
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  1. have you tried to turn ON/OFF the Vsync?
    Check the card temps? It could be an overheating...
    tried the other game as well?
  2. Tearing isn't because fps are higher than your monitor. It works kinda like this:

    Monitor changes screen from top to bottom from an image.
    While the Monitor is changing the screen, the image changes.
    Hence, the screen "tears" as the top part is build from one image and the bottom is build from the next image.

    VSync ensures that the image is only changed when the monitor isn't changing the screen. (more or less).

    And, to the best of my knowledge, VSync and triple buffering are the only things that help with tearing.
  3. No, its not overheating so far... Card is running at around 70ºC when it happens, and I already tried enabling and disabling Vsync from the game and the Catalyst Control Center... Now, the only thing left is triple buffering, but I can't find the option to enable it for D3D, only for OpenGL.
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