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Hi Guys,

So I have a Spinpoint F3 and to be honest, the boot up time is slow (+1 minute)

I was wondering what would be the best SSD I could get for up to £100? Preferably 128GB

What kind of load times could I expect too? (Booting up windows)
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  1. for a boot drive you should expect boot to windows in about 20 - 30 seconds depending on your motherboard and how it runs the bios boot up sequence.

    Have a look at this its in your price range and it also a good ssd :)

  2. I'd recommend the Samsung 840 Pro.
    After POST, booting windows will take 10-15 seconds with any fast SSD.
  3. I have a Crucial M4 128gb, boot in windows so fast that i don't even see the windows logo, my screen just light at welcome screen for 1 sec then all my auto-launch programs, about 10, are already loaded and i'm ready to do whatever i want...

    Like Bejusek wrote, it's 10-15 sec in loading, from motherboard post to all loaded and ready to work...
  4. I could get an M4 128GB pretty cheap, is it any good though?

    I have seen it in some laptops and it doesn't look that fast
  5. It's a good SSD, widely recommended some time ago. It's read performance is good, but the write speeds are below average. It's a model from the first half of 2011, so it's been on the market for more than two years. Newer SSDs offer better performance; if you want the best get the Samsung.
  6. I'd be getting, in this order of preference, an OCZ Vector, Samsung 840 pro, OCZ Vertex 4, or Samsung 830. (Avoid the non-pro 840, it uses different NAND which isn't as reliable.)

    For your price range, the Samsung 830 and Vertex 4 are going to be your best bets - both are equally reliable. The 830 is a tiny bit faster, but the Vertex 4 is cheaper, and the speed difference isn't noticeable, so I'd go for that.
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