FX 1800 - 512 MB (System Specs) for sketchup?

any recommendation for system specs for sketch up with heavy components and heavy rendering?
currently opt to purchase desktop to improve faster rendering and flawless movement while working in SU
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  1. No idea how rendering is like in Sketch up but for a general low budget workstation:

    Core i7 or AMD X6
    At least 4GB DDR3 RAM
    Samsung F3 500GB or 1TB, depending on need
    A good QUALITY PSU like a Corsair 650TX or XFX 650W.
    A decent case like an Antec 300/900,etc
    DVD RW, card reader, etc.

    As for the graphics card, that depends on if this is a true workstation build or a gaming + workstation build. If this a true workstation get a workstation graphics card, if not get a good gaming card like a GTX460.

    Again, I don't use SketchUp, but I do use Maya,Inventor, SolidWorks,etc and for these software, for small assemblies/renderings you really don't need a workstation graphics card.
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