ASUS M4A89GTD PRO need older BIOS for Cool'n'Quiet + Manual Voltage

Hi I had my 1055T OC'd to 3.9 for quite while with no problems. Then I popped 4x 2gb RAM in all four slots and started getting crashes. I ruled out the sticks being bad cuz they worked flawless when only one set was in the mobo, so I thought maybe I need a BIOS update. Of course that didn't fix it, because then I found out AMD boards just don't like all 4 slots filled. So I bought 2x 4gb sticks and all is well with 8gb in only two slots...


with the new BIOS I can't type in a manual voltage without disabling (greyed out) Cool'n'Quiet. I want to go back to the old BIOS where I could manually put in my voltages AND run Cool'n'Quiet. (With offset input Cool'n'Quiet is enabled, but I can't figure out how to adjust by offset voltage and get back to a stable 3.9ghz.) I've tried so many times to use EZ Flash 2 to go back to an older ROM I DL'd from ASUS' site, but it just checks the file and says something like 'Version ROM file is older than system board' and won't flash back to it. Also tried ASUS Update and that won't work either, it says I have to do a DOS Utility Flash. Am I missing something?

Any help would be appreciated.


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  1. You going to have to go about it the DOS way i'd say. Check for the dos version on the asus site, Grab the rom and learn the correct commands to replace the current bios. Also you will need to create a USB boot disk to run this Manuel BIOS update.

    The commands are like bios.exe -r XXX.rom or some *** like that. I'm pretty sure ASUS as a read me with the bios update utility.
  2. FWIW - the issue with all RAM slots filled is NOT an AMD issue. Most mobos are sensitive to all the DIMM slots being filled as the memory controller must access four DIMMs instead of two DIMMs. This requires more real time and means that the RAM latencies must be slowed to allow time for the memory controller to actually have enough time to read or write to the memory address.

    It would be odd for Asus to lock out Cool and Quiet in the newer BIOS option but they have been known to do strange things to compensate for mobo issues...

    As suggested by dormantreign you'll probably need to use the DOS procedure to revert to the previous BIOS. This should be on the Asus website for download to a floppy, CD or flashdrive.
  3. thanks for the replies gentlemen. tried updating the BIOS via DOS boot, but still keep getting the message "Version in ROM file is older than existing board!"

    Did a little more digging for that exact phrase and found that I might have to flash a different BIOS that allows a backwards flash. I think i already tried that though.

    Maybe I just need to learn how to OC using offset voltage method, but it seems effing retarded that enabling manual input, putting in the exact voltage (which is much easier than doing math in your head) would disable Cool'n'Quiet. What kind of sense does that make?
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