External Hard Drive error

I have a WD 1tb external hard disk which was not been read on my laptop or any other laptop/desktop.It keep asking me to format the HD. On advice i tried using the Easeus Recovery program.. which gave me the files in Raw format. Also it asked me to store the files recovered (wic i did ) but unfortunately they cannot be opened.
Pls advice
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  1. Actually, since I have never tried the Easeus Recovery program, I don't know what's wrong with it. But, I have to let you know there is another efficient hard drive recovery freeware that has ever successfully retrieved my inaccessible data from a RAW drive. It is really free and easy to use. Therefore, you can give it a shot.

    Important note: You are supposed not to save new data on this drive before you have completely recovered all your data back in case of data loss.
    You also can preview your recovered data to make sure every recovered file can be accessed.
    You should always back up your data regularly in the future.
    I hope my words can help you.
  2. I recommend that you format the Hard Disk to solve this problem.
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