Is this a good gaming build?

Hi guys, I've planned out my gaming build that i will be buying soon and it goes as follows:

CPU= I7-950 (Plan to OC to 4.0GHZ+)
MOBO= Gigabyte UD3R (1366)
CPU cooling= Noctua NH-D14
GFX card= Asus GTX 460 TOP 1GB (will SLi with my current Gigabyte GTX 460 1GB and OC both)
CASE= Coolermaster HAF X
RAM= G.skill dual channel ripjaws 4GB 1600mhz
PSU= Corsair HX-650
HDD= Two seagate HD 500 GB each (need suggestions on which HDD)
DVD=some $23 drive

This comes to a total of $1566.3 AUD which im pretty happy about. What i really ask is, is there anything that could be better in this build with simillar price? and is the PSU capable of handling this system?. Also, im not too sure which HDD to get, id prefer two 500 GB drives for RAID 0.

Thanks in advance :) cheers.
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  1. With the i7-950, you will want to use triple channel memory, which comes in 6gb kits, not the 4gb ripjaws you've listed. Also, I know a lot of people on here recommend the Samsung Spinpoint F3 HDDs, you can get 1TB versions for around $60-70. Though, I'm not sure how much 500mb versions cost.

    Your PSU *should* be capable of handling it, but you should verify that your 12V rails can deliver enough amps. You want at least 40amps combined.
  2. Looks like a great build. Love the HAF X, but you may want to take a look at the Cooler Master Raven 2 for this build. Here's why:

    Even though you are running 2x460 vs 480, you may like the results he got. There are lots of other reviews of that case you can google.

    Its been a while since I've seen a Seagate HD recommended here. The current favorites for speed are the Samsung Spinpoint F3s, like this one:

    Your cooler is excellent of course, dunno if this review might interest you:

    I assume the Ripjaws are the CL7 variety

    Again, great build, enjoy it!
  3. The HX650 will handle that system fine, its got plenty of power.

    As was said above, try to get a 3x2 kit like the Gskill Pi Series, it will give you better memory bandwidth which can help in some applications.

    Other than that it looks pretty good.
  4. @mattimeo005- I checked the HX-650 specs, "Single +12V rail design providing up to 52A" so that seems alright :) and i've changed the RAM to the 6GB kit and i've decided i'll just get one spinpoint F3 1TB, considering the RPM and price, so cheap xD. Thanks everyone for your valuable input, can't wait for this one :)
  5. You did a great job on the selection. Enjoy the build! And good luck with the rig.
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