First assembled comp,HELP!!!!!

I finally got everything that i need t assemble my first comp.Asus p8-h67L-ME,i3-2100 cpu,corsair 10600 ram -4GB,and Phillips DH-16A6L SATA DVD±RW .Now,here's the question.Did i get the wrong drive to read the setup disc for the mobo?The comp turns on,goes to "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert Boot Media in selected Boot Device and Press any key."First off,I don't know a lot of technical specs.I install the mobo disc into the DH-16A6L, but nothing happens.Can something tell me step by step,on how to do this? I need to know if i have the DH hooked up properly from the back to the would be very helpful. Thank you
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  1. um.... the disk that came with your mother board is not a boot disk. all it contains is drivers and i would not recommend using that for your setup. i recommend going online and downloading all the current drivers as the disk is undoubtedly old. you need a windows install disk. you can install windows, linux, unix, or any other os you choose. you can install these os's using a disk or usb memory stick.
  2. OK, I think I see what is happening.

    Here's what I do. First, I install the boot drive in the SATA0 channel. You can select any channel but the BIOS automatically looks the for the boot device.

    Now, you are using an external DVD drive. So you need to go into the BIOS and change the boot order to something like:
    1. External CD drive (or whatever your BIOS says).
    2. Hard drive.

    Install Windows. After you install Windows, go back into the BIOS and change the boot order to put the hard drive first.

    I use the driver disk that came with the motherboard. Never had any problems with the "old" drivers.

    Install antivirus and firewall software. Do not go on line before you do this.

    Go online and update Windows, firewall, and antivirus software.

    Download and install the video drivers if you are using a separate video card. The downloaded video drivers will be newer than anything on the disk.

    Install any other device drivers (printer, for instance) that you need.

    Then, after you have a fully working and patched (latest updates) system, make a backup image of the hard drive. That will save you a lot of time if when you need to reinstall your OS. In fact, I do that twice - once for the basic system (OS and drivers) and once for what I call my "basic " software load (my standard apps and utilities).
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