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Hello, how can I (if possible) copy files from my Windows 7 file system to the file system on a Virtual PC that is running Linux? Between two MS OSs, drag and drop works.
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  1. What version of Linux are you using? Not all versions are supported by Virtual PC.

    Might I suggest using VMWare Player? It's free and accepts pretty much and OS out there. Might suit your needs better. Just saying.
  2. I am actually using XP Pro in my Virtual PC. The question was in case I wanted to have my own linux server on the same machine, I would have to know how to "upload" files to that server.
  3. Would this Linux server be virtualized as well or replace the existing operating system?
  4. It would not replace anything.
  5. So from my understanding, the Linux server will be virtualized?
  6. Quickest / easiest usually is just to use WinSCP to connect to the VM and transfer the files that way.
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