Corsair Vengeance, Yay or Nay

I want to get some new RAM for my computer. I will be upgrading from 2x2gb cards of Corsair XMS3. I have had my heart set on Corsair's 4gb Vengeance cards for a while now, but I'm not sure if it is worth it. My friends have suggested Kingston HyperX T1, which supposedly performs better and is cheaper.

Requirements of ram:
Available in 4gb sticks
Under ~250 USD for 16gb (Is that unreasonable? Thats about the price of Vengeance in New Zealand)
Preferably black or grey as I have an open case
Dual Channel
Compatible with GA-P67A-UD4-B3 and Intel Core i7 2600k

What do you guys think?
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  1. As Tom's and Anandtech has shown any of the brand name DDR3 RAM of the same specs performs virtually identical. As long as the RAM is approved for your CPU it should function fine. Be sure that any RAM with top mounted heatsinks will clear your CPU HSF as many HSFs can cover the first DIMM slot.
  2. I dont plan on getting a huge cpu cooler, I will probably go for a corsair h70, which shouldn't be too big.
  3. The H70 will not block any memory slots.
  4. stay away from Hyper's on Sandy Bridge (it's well documented fact ..they don't play nice with SB specially when pushed)
    i would suggest getting 8gb high frequency kit
  5. Ohok. Well, I have since changed my mind once again. I now have my eye on Patriots 8gb cards :P, anyone have a view/opinion on patriot?
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