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my pc congiguration is intel cor 2 duo(1.86ghz),3gb ram,pci express slot and motherboard-asrock g31m-gs r2.0 suggest me graphic cards for playing games like crysis,gta4,black ops,medal of honor and upcoming games
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  1. Resolution you play at and budget?
  2. You never specified your budget. It would be nice if you could neaten what you just typed out.
    For about $100, I'd recommend a 250 GTS from nvidia. Good card.
  3. Nah, for $100 the 5750 is better. Ever so slightly faster, OCs farther, and support DX11 and Eyefinity. Unless you can get one of those sweet $50 GTS250 deals that happen every now and then, there is no reason to buy one.
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