Only using 128GB SSD at first when building new computer??

i was just wondering, i am building my own gaming pc and when i first get it running the only things i am going to put on the 128GB SSD would be Window 7, and only a couple games like Battlefield 3, Skyrim, Farcry 3, and a total war game and thats all that would be on it, maybe a few more games for now, and then a little later i would be getting like a 1TB HDD and put everything else like movies, music, photos, etc,.

im not too worried bout the movies and all that stuff on HDD right now since i can just use my laptop for that until later.

so if i did that with just the SSD and maybe left like at least 20GB free on it, would everything still run pretty good?

or is it a must to have a HDD at first when building a gaming pc?

oh and heres the SSD i was gonna get:
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  1. SSD's provision the space they need to work well all the way to full so you do not need to worry about leaving free space on SSD's any more like you used to.

  2. I've got a 120gb SSD primary drive, and a 1.5 TB storage spinner. I kind of regret only getting 120 now though. It fills up pretty quickly. You may be better suited going to a 240 right off the bat.
  3. One of the most important things to know abt SSDs is the more data you store on it, the slower they will be. This is true for all models by all manufacturers.
    Some concrete data: 50% full means -42% in performance & 75% full means -45% in performance.

    So... ideally to preserve initial performance you shouldn't use more than 40% of the drive storage capacity, which is impossible with 128GB. This is why even though you don't need all that space for OS and programs, you should still go for the 256GB models.
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