Gt 240 unstable fps?

i have a gigabyte 512mb gt 240. I get very unstable fps out of this card, not so much as when im in the game, but every instance that i run it. For example, I ran sc2 at medium and it was giving me a constant 50-60fps while OC'ed through msiafterburner to settings that was deemed stable by a reviewing site(i monitored temps and they were below 50c at load). The next time i turned on my computer or sc2 the game was giving me 30-40fps. The same thing happened with league of legends. It was running 50-60fps at very high and now it won't even give me 50 on high settings. Most recently CS:source - was giving me between 150-250fps on average, never below 120 no matter what was on the screen, I could have 20 death bodies on a snow map and it would still be 120. Now i enter cs_office map and i drop to 70fps when i enter the courtyard... can someone tell me whats wrong with this card? its barely a week old.
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  1. Maybe your OC isn't stable,revert back to stock speeds and check again.
  2. Well, you can OC GT240 to get a higher performance, but not much.
    GT240 is still a low gaming card. If you want MORE performance then buy higher card like GTX460 or HD5850...
  3. Sounds to me like that OC wasn't stable and damaged the card. Just because some website managed to get those settings "stable" on a card they tested doesn't mean every one of those cards will do the exact same thing. Besides, they only tested it for a day or two. You've been running that setting for a week...
  4. But then its not like I'm getting any crashes right? Temps are reading around 46C at max under load and idles around 34-36C. how do i check if i damaged the card?
  5. Run it at stock settings and see how well it performs. Try running some Benchmarks.
  6. on my office pc i have a gt220.but i never like to overclock these low end cards coz
    they are NOT meant for gaming so overclocking is out of the very high high and medium the gt220 gets 3 fps in crysis so even if i superclocked it it would hardly make a play sc2 you need a card like a gts 250 which can plapy nearly every game out there at medium-high settings.GTS 250 can max out SC2 no prob.
  7. ?? comparing a gt 220 is like apples and oranges. If what you say is true then a gt220 is even weaker then a 8600 gt. Thats what I had a long time ago and it ran crysis fine on medium. GT 240 is the equivalent of a 9600gt which was a mid-end gaming card when the 9xxx series came out and the 8800gt got converted into a 9800gt. SC2 is most likely because I'm getting bottled necked by my cpu (4600+ 2.5ghz) but what I'm concerned about is LoL and CS:source
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