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Okay, I have two wireless computes who are getting their network access through a router. A few months ago I set up filesharing in Windows 7 Ultimate on the computers so that I could get to the Public folder on both from either computer.

Now, I cannot and I am getting that horrible 0x80070035 "The network path was not found" error.

I've already tried turning off the Norton Internet Security firewall on both computers, I've tried flushing the DNS, renewing the adapters using 'ipconfig /renew'.... I've basically tried everything I can find on the internet with no success.

The thing that is strange is that ANOTHER computer that is directly (i.e. wired network cable) connected to the router I am able to access no problem AND I can access the two computers by using the \\192.168.1.XXX in Windows Explorer, but NOT by clicking on the computer names in "Network".

Has anyone else had this problem and, if so, have they found a fix for this?

One person on TechNet said that it is a problem with DNS and I'm thinking that if it was a problem with that, I wouldn't be able to access the computer using the number address above.

Also, could this be coming from the fact that the router has gotten 'confused' and it needs to be powered down and have the memory cleared?
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  1. DNS resolves names to IP addresses. So if you can't access it by name, but you can by IP, that points to DNS.

    Couldn't hurt to power down the router, then boot PCs.
  2. Okay, I think I fixed this... I powered down the router for 15 minutes to let the memory clear, and after that it allowed me to go to the wireless computers from one another no problems.
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