Phenom x4 955 board compatibility and VRM issues

OK, here the thing..ive been researching for almost a week now about my upcoming upgrade on my rig but so far, im still lost. I wont ask about all the details just this specific one that im stuck in, the rest i will just have to research harder to find the answers that im looking for but for this, i really need help.

Im planning to buy an Phenom II x4 955 BE for my CPU upgrade, now for my MOBO upgrade i have no idea what to get. What brand and specific model to purchase. So far, Asus and MSI are the top 2 brands im contemplating on but the kinds of mobo i dunno. My Budget is $120 tops.

here are my choices tell if if they are total ***, or good enough since im on a low budget. - ASUS - ASUS - ASUS - MSI
if ever GIGABYTE this one

here is what im looking for

1.I can OC my procie well not planning to hit 4.0ghz just a boost to play with
2. Compatible with my procie, in terms of the watts? VRM thingy? ( the thing that i cant understand at all while researching)
3. If cheaper, the better. All i need is the OC profile thing for overclocking and the CPR feature that ASUS has. As for the other perks like tubroV or OC genie i might not be able to use ( i will OC manually ) also the 3.0 USB i dont fancy so much.
4. Also, i dont need a very good onboard GPU since correct if im wrong i have other GPU my GTX 275 (old yea i know)
5. I terms of ram, I dont really know if im going to need more that 4GB of RAM. ill just be gaming and doing a little video editing. so A dual channel would be A-ok for me. Otherwise correct me again if im wrong :sweat:
6. Stuffy all this in on a antec 300 with a HEC cougar 700 CM PSU. ( just additional info )

So basically i just need a board that i can OC well with, compatible and reliable.

PS. Im planning to put a Thermaltake SpinQ VT i hope its also compatible with that :)

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  1. Get the M5A88-M as it is Am3 plus.
  2. will it be win 7 ready?
  3. Motherboards dont really affect your software....
  4. sorry for the newb question :| im still baffled which one to not planning to upgrade to bulldozer anyway...
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