Southbridge Heatsink fell off??

Hi all,

I have a 785gm-e51 MSI motherboard. Today I was taking apart my computer and when I removed my GPU, which is a very long ATI 5830, I noticed that the southbridge heatsink, which is right above to the PCI-E slot, was loose on one side. The heatsink is held by two plastic pins with springs, however I am not sure at all how to get the loose one back. First off, that heatsink is the southbridge right? Here's a pic of my mobo:

The heatsink I am talking about is the one without the MSI logo.

Is the heatsink for the southbridge that important? My cooling for my setup is good, however I can't seem to find out how hot the southbridge is getting since my mobo does not have a sensor for it. Right now my video card, being as long as it is, is pretty much holding the heatsink in place on the side where the pin is loose. I'm not sure how much contact it is making tho... I just cant see if it is sticking. If the heatsink is indeed important, does anybody know how the plastic pins/springs work? I kept pushing down and it keeps coming back up. I've run two runs of 3dmark and the computer seems to still be running. I'm just worried my computer will suddenly overheat and die :/. What should I do? Thanks so much guys!
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  1. What is this pin called? Would radioshack sell it? Thanks!
  2. 3 words: Be a Man
    2 words: Cable ties
  3. looking at the pictures it is the 4200 Integrated video heatsink.

    If you do not ever use the onboard video you dont need it.
  4. Hi Rick,
    thanks so much
    so this: is the heatsink for the intergrated video?

    Where is the southbridge then? Thanks so much!!!
  5. hmm according to the manual pic:

    it says that is the amdsb710? that means its the southbridge right? :(
  6. You're right, that's the southbridge chip. You should find some way to keep the heatsink secured, I would advise against leaving it off. Even if it would still run without the heatsink, it will run hotter, decreasing the life of the chip. You wouldn't want to lose the southbridge, it's an important little chip. So like I said, I think you should find some way to keep the heatsink secured, it wouldn't be very good to let it run w/out it, regardless of how good the airflow in your case is.
  7. I remember being surprised when I built a box for some No. 2 with the Asus R2E, the SB was the hottest thing in the box. It chilled out (pun intended) after a few days.
  8. cool, so lets say I can't get the heatsink with the pins anymore if you the artic silver adhesive: between the heatsink and the chip, it would be okay? Would I have to clean off anything that is on right now between the chip and the heatsink? Thanks guys!
  9. Help guys!! So I tried to apply the artic epoxy (the alumina) however I think while during the curing stage,the weight that was holding it down slipped and the two surfaces don't seem to be sticking!!! How do i reapply the epoxy a.k.a remove the stuff thats on there right now. Currently there is some on both the heatsink and the southbridge chip. I have the arctic thermal compound remover, would that work? Should I just reapply another mixture of the epoxy straight on? I just want this thing to stick :/. Thanks so much guys!!!
  10. Hi my question is that I have already tried applying the arctic adhesive, but it did not make the two things stick, so I was wondering how do I clean it off so I can retry? Thanks!!!!
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