NO VIDEO SIGNAL..Entering Sleep Mode

Here is the problem. Every time I turn on my PC, it boots up (and I can hear the usual beep) but after a few seconds my monitor turns black and then I will see this message "NO VIDEO SIGNAL (then another screen flashes) ENTERING SLEEP MODE". The PC seems to be running, but the monitor is off and the video card's fan (basing from my observation) seems to spin at 150% (exaggeration just to point out the difference) then halts back to like its usual 100% spin. When everything was normal (before), my video card doesn't seem to do that 150% spin. Another thing is the system is running normally, cpu fan, and other fans working. The only thing lacking is I cannot see anything.
What seems to be the problem?

On certain times, I can log on and access my pc (just right now) with no problem. On some occasions, I can log on for a very long time, play my game and no problem. So it happens intermittently and at random times.

Just a back story, prior to this, I never had this problem. This started happening after I cleaned my PC. By cleaning I only mean doing a blower thing and removed the parts. The parts I removed or cleaned were the following, stock fan, video card and HD. I just cleaned the stock fan since it was so dusty and same with the video card. The HD was just transferred to another slot for better cable management. Nothing follows.

Here's my specs for reference:
intel e7500
asus p5kpl am se
9800 gt sonic ed.
fsp 550w
OS: windows ultimate 32 bit
ALL PARTS ARE USED for a year now, never been oced. I just removed the components and assembled from scratch once when I bought a new casing last month.

Here's what I have done so far:
1. Retraced my steps to check where I did wrong. I only touched the hard disk and video card. I used the blower which was sold from tech mall.
2. One time, I was able to get past the NO VIDEO OUTPUT message and I went straight to safe mode and did a factory reset. Problem solved, but now... its back.
3. One time, it did not allow me to reboot so I let it be for about 2 hours.. then I was able to work here again (posting, asking for help).
4. I also tried using the video card from the mobo, but I am getting the same thing. I was planning to disable it or something. I read somewhere about conflicting video cards.
5. Here is some info I got from my mobo:
Initiate Graphic Adapter [PEG/PCI]
Allows you to decide which graphics controller to use as the primary boot device.
Configuration options: [IGD] [PCI/IGD] [PCI/PEG] [PEG/IGD] [PEG/PCI]
I was able to browse that from the manual and from the bios when the pc is not getting the problem. I did not alter it since I don't have any definition for the terms used.

Please give me some other advice as to why this happened or what could be causing this? Any tips on how to prevent this from happening again will be really appreciated. Luckily, just now, I kept rebooting the PC and I was able to post here. And I also read the sticky from the same forum regarding this. (this one to be exact:
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  1. Check all connections make sure the GPU is properly seated in the slot. If that does not work something is failing.
  2. rolli59 said:
    Check all connections make sure the GPU is properly seated in the slot. If that does not work something is failing.

    Will try to do that again... I have done most of the procedures posted on the forum sticky.. except for the CMOS part. I will reserve that for the last part. Right now, the pc seems to be working fine but this might just be for now... :(
  3. UPDATE: just followed the advice above... i was able to login now so i was able to reply.. still waiting for the next time this appears... i still have not found a good explanation as to why this happens :(
  4. Any luck with this? I'm having the exact same problem with my new build.
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