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Hello All,
I have been using a 64GB SSD as my OS drive and it's been working very well for over a year now. However I have wanted just a little extra space for the boot drive and thus bought a faster 120GB SSD to replace my old one as my OS drive.

My question is, I would like to us my old OS SSD as a cache drive for my gaming 1TB drive. I've found a lot of software that does this, but it's all either for a specially bought SSD drive (i.e. OCZ Synapse) or for Intel Motherboards. Will any of these software solutions work easily with another drive, or are there and independent software for this without needing to buy the associated hardware.
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  1. Its pointless to cache an ssd and itslikely that your new drive is actually faster than the old one.
  2. Let me clarify I would be using the old SSD to cache a 1TB HDD. The new SSD would become my new boot drive
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