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Q9550 Load Temps

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January 18, 2011 11:02:31 AM

Hi All,

I have just bought myself a 2600k setup and am giving my old Q9550 to my parents.
My Mom uses outlook, puzzles and browsing, my dad uses matlab and c and fortran compilers for his work.
All in all not very CPU load intensive requirements. The main requirements for my parents are:
1) Quiet
2) Reliable
3) Quietly Reliable

Now when I bought the CPU I slapped on an Orb 2 cooler and left it as is, the box has never been overclocked.

I have now dusted, cleaned, reformatted the PC and am ready to give it over. Before I did that I decided to run a CPU benchmark to see if all is well. All does not seem well however.

Using Prime 95 with 4 threads and SpeedFan 4.42 for readings:
CPU 39-40C, 4 Cores Avg 37-41C

30 Minutes of Prime 95:
CPU 68-71C, 4 Cores Avg 64-72C

Ambient temp is around 27C now.
Case open or closed makes about 2-3C difference.
CPU fan @1300RPM to 1900RPM - about 4-5C difference (HUGE noise difference though)

So my best temps at load with the loudest settings still sit at over 64C

What can I do?
My only thought is reseat the HS (replace the 2yo thermal paste).

Will that help? Are there any other suggestions ideas?


Now for my problem:

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January 18, 2011 12:24:16 PM

Nothing wrong with your temps. Keep in mind two things:
1. The Orb 2 cooler is excessively mediocre by today's standards. And it wasn't a particularly great cooler when it was first introduced.
2. Prime95 loads all 4 cores to 100% of capacity. Odds are that your parents will never put that kind of a load on the system. Therefore the temps will not be that high.

You can try to remove the old thermal compound and reapply some new stuff. You can also try replacing the Orb with something more modern. Two good choices for a non-overclocked system are the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro and the Hiper 212+. Both are relatively inexpensive and substantially better than what you have now.

January 18, 2011 2:00:24 PM

Thanks for the replies guys.

The orb I wan't be able to replace as I want to give them the PC on Saturday (2 days time) but if they complain about the heat/noise can get something later.

As far as the thermal paste goes I'll be putting the thermaltake ice cool 2 on all the processors for the simple reason that it comes bundeled with the new MUX 120 I'll be getting for the new PC.

The Q9550 specs are:
q9550, 4GB DDR2Ram, 700WPS, ASUS P5KPL/1600 and 3 Seagate 500G HDD.
Also got them a new HD4670 as it was relatively cheap and in stock and it should be able to handle the graphic complexities of Matlab and Bejeweled.

Oh yes and ofcourse lots of coolermaster fans with a nice fan controller for the quiet touch.

My new replacement is:
16GB corsair 1.5v 1600/CS7 Memory
Asus P8P67 Pro mobo
800W PS
2x 1TB HDD, 2x500GB HDD (Seagates)
8600GT + 9800GTX+ video cards.

Not the usual kind of build but it's not a gaming PC.
I usually have 2 VMWares (1nix 1XP) running, oracle DB, Visual Studio and Flex builder running at the same time so the memory and CPU are a big must for me. Actually planning to UG to the 8GB DDR3 when it comes out (32GB FTW!)
My gaming is limited to wow and the two cards are fine since I'm running 4 monitors not much else is needed.