GTX460 + Seasonic S12 II Bronze 430W

I'm a bit paranoid about all this stuff.
Anyway I'm planning to buy a Geforce GTX460 card (either 768 or 1024 mb ram, havent decided yet) by Gainward or Gigabyte (I would get MSI cyclon but its not available in my country yet). Anyway Nvidia recommend at least 450Watt power supply, while I got 430W Seasonic S12 II Bronze.
The rest of the system is:
Intel Core I3 530 2.9Ghz
Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2H
Kingston DDR3 2048MB 1333Mhz (x2)
Samsung HD502HJ 500MB

The card probably will be this one
Note that its overclocked.

Will it be fine with my PSU?

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  1. Well, it would be more safe if you buy 500W PSU, the extra power would be helpful and good for a long term...

    Could you tell us more about that Seasonic S12 II Bronze 430W?
    we need more detail about that PSU, amperage on each rails?
  2. Thats what the box says
    Output Voltage | +3.3V | +5V | +12V1 | +12V2 | -12V | +5Vsb |
    Max. Load | 20A | 20A | 17A | 17A | 0.8A | 2.5A |
    Combined Load | 130W | 360W | 9.6W | 12.5W |
  3. Yes you can... :)

    But i still suggest you to get a higher PSU, well, if you have money for that...
  4. Thanks!
    Unfortunately I dont have money for new PSU now :(
  5. I assume this is the unit in question;
    it isn't optimal but Seasonic is a good brand and it should handle that card and system fine. Giving a large OC to the card and processor and running stress testing software is a bad idea but beyond that it should be alright.
  6. jyjjy
    Yea this is exactly the PSU I got.
    Thanks for the reply! :)
  7. it will work fine, a GTX 460 system needs 24a on the 12v and you have 30a on that seasonic.
  8. ct1615 Thanks!
    The question also, is there something else that need amps on 12V rail on my system, cause there might be not enough amps to all (I dont remember physics very well, so dont remember if amps get divided).
  9. He was talking about the whole system. The GTX 460 itself will max out at around 13 amps(156w) on its own.
  10. the recommendation is for the entire system not just the video card. the card itself probably uses around 12-14a at stock settings.
  11. Cool! Thanks guys!
    Can't wait to order this pretty small beast :)
  12. By the way, most likely Ill take the Gigabyte version I wonder though should I take the Overclocked version:
    or the regular one:

    I understand that overclocked version will take more power, this why Im worrying.

  13. Don't worry about the overclock but I also wouldn't spend more for it. You can OC on your own very easily and achieve much better results.
    Those Gigabyte cards are pretty decent but I would recommend an Asus DirectCU or MSI Cyclone instead. They have the best cooling.
  14. ^+1
    get the regular one, you can OC it by yourself...
  15. jyjjy, wa1 Thanks, Ill get the regular 768MB ram :)
    About Asus DirectCU or MSI Cyclone, none of them yet available in my country, so I either can order from outside the country or wait when they will be here.
  16. I would get the 1gb card if you can afford it. It also has a wider memory bus and more ROPs.
  17. I can afford 1GB but I cant find non overclocked version of it.
  18. It's not that you need to avoid an OCed version of the card it is just that you shouldn't pay extra for one.
  19. I know but OCed card might consume more power. Dam I'm so paranoid that I'm considering getting a new PSU, 550W or 620W
  20. ^
    just like i said before... :)
    You will be more safer and good for a long term if you have bigger power on PSU.
  21. skwo said:
    I know but OCed card might consume more power. Dam I'm so paranoid that I'm considering getting a new PSU, 550W or 620W

    No need for paranoia.

    There ya go.
  22. skwo said:
    I know but OCed card might consume more power. Dam I'm so paranoid that I'm considering getting a new PSU, 550W or 620W

    Like I said, you will probably want to avoid giving BOTH the processor AND the card a large OC AND running stress testing software but beyond that you should be alright.
  23. Thanks everyone!
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