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Hello, my system is not giving display when i switched it ON but it beeps alot for a while and then stops beeping....but system does nt display while fan of processor also move with it full speed. i have checked the RAm,.. i have 2 DDR RAM....i have cleaned them up and then used them in my system but the same case no display
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  1. Well, we need more info here...
    What is your PSU? brand? model?
    Motherboard? brand? model?
    Graphic card? brand? model?
  2. It sounds like you could be getting some BIOS beep codes. If that is the case, then you need to remember their order, whether it be 3 long beeps, 1 short beep, or whatever combination of long and short they might be. Once you know the order of beeps, we'll need to know what make the BIOS is. (This would appear on the initial POST splash screen, be it Award, AMI, Pheonix.) Once we have the code and manufacturer, we can decipher the problem.

    A quick solution might be to reset the BIOS, which would require a temporary repositioning of the BIOS reset jumper on the motherboard.
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