First assembled comp,HELP!!!!!

Thanks for a reply. First,what's considered a boot drive? Second,the dvd drive is an internal one.I was able to get into the bios and change the boot order and i put in the mobo disc into the dvd drive but nothing happens.I keep getting the "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected......."Ok,just read "put in the os disc.will try that now and post back.
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  1. now i went into bios,checked boot order,made sure dvd drive was first,then inserted OS disc (win 7) nothing.Turned machine off,left disc inside,turned on,it went to asus screen,then at bottom said press delete to enter bios,did that.This time went to i believe it's under "boot override"then selected the dvd drive.It hen went to a blank screen with a blinking (negative sign) at the far upper left corner.i also noticed that the dvd drive makes a very low rubbing type of sound every 3-4 seconds.dvd dr. the problem?
  2. Anyone?
  3. Is your Windows 7 DVD bootable?
  4. either the drive or the disk. Try putting the disk in a working computer to test it. You do have your hard drive and everything else installed, right?
  5. Found out the win7 disc might not be bootable.can I download the file from the net onto a flasdrive so that this will make it boot?
  6. Google for "bootable windows 7 usb flash drive".
  7. I downloaded all this, but i can't find the iso file so that i can put it into the box in part 1 there.anyone live near me? This is confusing for me!!! I live in Whittier, Cal.
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    Google on "WINDOWS 7 AIO (x64&x86)(.iso)(Bootable)"
  9. I just went ahead and got another disc,bootable this time,and everything went well.I now have another problem.Once i take the disc out and reboot,it asks me that message which i can't exactly recall."select and boot from a source"? .............and press any key to continue".
  10. Windows 7 boot manager isn't on the correct hard disk drive.

    Do you have more than one hard disk drive in your system? If you do make sure you disconnect them and only have the hard disk drive that you are going to install Windows 7 on connected.

    Did you delete any existing partitions on the hard disk drive before recreating a new partition, formatting and install of Windows
  11. I only have one HDD.I don't think i erased any partitions,too advanced for me to know how to do that,lol.I notice that when i go to bios,in the boot order,it keeps showing the dvd dr. as the 1st boot option and the second boot item as disabled.I've tried switching them,but i can't get the "disabled" one to enable.I'm thinking this is why.So how do i undo this? Thanks again for all the great help!!!!!
  12. Fixed it.I enabled the HDD in the first boot option.I had it disabled before,so that the boot disc would work off of the dvd dr.I also couldn't figure out how to get it from disable to enable.I believe all is well now.Thanks to all for your help!!!!!
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