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I have dial up at my house but the guy beside me has a wifi setup I'm actually using right now. There are a couple of programs I can't use through wifi though, at least not all the time so I have to use them on dial up. I would like to be able to surf the web whenever on wifi but be able to use the other software on dial up at the same time. They don't share the same address, not even close. The dial up IP is 4.233 while the wifi is 192.168.

Is it possible to use two totally different kinds of connections at the same time? IF so how do I go about doing it? I'm using win xp pro sp3.
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  1. Possible? Yes... fun or easy... no. Essentially you'd need to setup static routes for the traffic you want to go out over the dial up. It's not crazy hard, just is a lot of work and you'll have to add a route for each host / network you'd want to go over the dial up. You'd have to add the routes each time you connect / bring that network up, and you may need to do it dynamically (assuming your dialup default gateway may change each time you connect). You'd really need to write a batch file / script to pull it off, and depending on how many networks / hosts you need to connect to, this maybe really painful.
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