4870X2 for 5870 or GTX 460

I'm selling a 4870x2 on ebay and when its sold i was thinking of getting the 5870 or the GTX 460. Im gona use this pc primarily for gaming so i need to know which one is right for me. The 5870 im buying comes with a accelro aftermarket cooler
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  1. Are you just making a statement, or is there an actual question here? Because honestly, the two cards you're considering aren't really in the same league in terms of performance or price...
  2. ^+1. GTx 460 is a much slower card when compared to the rest two.

    Why are you selling 4870x2? You should not sell it as HD5870 won't give you a significant boost in performance.
  3. In terms of upgrade you would minimum have to go GTX480 and preferably HD5970! Anything less is not an upgrade.
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