PSUs - Too much power????

I'm in the process of updating my custom rack server with a Cooler Master 550w PSU installed in the system.

I am going to be replacing my video card soon and thought that I may try to replace my PSU to add power to my system.

Is there such of thing as buying a PSU with "Too Much Power"??? I would like to upgrade the current PSU but don't want to blow the system up either

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  1. Not exactly. A system will pull just what it needs from an adequately sized PSU. The only thing would be that efficiency might suffer. PSU's are generally most efficient at around 50% of capacity.
  2. Power supplies provide a constant voltage, the power consumed by the system is determined by whats in the system, the power supply merely makes the current available so that the circuits can draw it if they want to, it doesnt force the current, so there really isnt such a thing as a PSU with "Too Much Power", however, PSUs arent as efficient at low loads, so if you used a 1kW unit to power a small home pc that only pulls 120W its not going to be very efficient and will use a bit more power from the wall, but it wont hurt the system.
  3. To add to the great replies thus far, no, you won't blow up your system with a bigger PSU than what is really needed. You will however, "blow up" your utility bill if you get a 1000W PSU versus the, say, 650W PSU you really need. Not the mention the $100 you overpaid for the 1000W.
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