Sata 6gb for WD Black 4TB

Hi All,

I have A X79 mobo and wanted to know how (if possible I could put an extra SATA 6gb connection added to the MOBO for the WD Black 4TB HD I want to put in my build.

The other 2 slots are going to be taken up with 2 SSD's (One for OS/Apps and the other for a scratch disk)

I want the storage space for all my video edits and RAW files and I know the Sata is backwards compatible but would like it working at full transfer speed if possible.

What is the best solution for my needs?

Thanks ppl in advance.

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  1. I would not bother. Just connect to sata 3 ports.

    The 6gb sata speed applies to the buffer to/from the device transfer. The mechanical data transfer time is many times slower, and that is what is the gating factor in any hard drive application.

    6gb is good for a SSD because a modern SSD can present data to the interface fast enough.
  2. Geofelt is correct. The maximum Read/Write speed of that drive is 154MB/s, which is SATA 2 (3Gb/s) speeds.

    Connect the drive to a SATA 2 port and you will be ok.
  3. Thanks geofelt & phil22 I will consider both valid replies and go forth into the world:-)

  4. I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!
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